National Geographic Kids Magazine

National Geographic Kids. April 2013, Washington, DC: National Geographic Society. Magazine.

Plot:  The magazine features mainly animal stories.  This issue included an article about what paleontologists do and one on trick and ad photography as well as jokes and activities.

What I Thought:  The articles didn’t go into much depth and were more like “fun facts” pieces.  Every page was very busy with lots of pictures, colors, and pop up boxes of text.   The article on trick photography/food photography was interesting and could promote some critical thinking in kids.  Overall, I was expecting something more educational as the pieces in the adult National Geographic are well researched and highly informative.  I was pleasantly surprised that there were only 3 ads in the magazine as a few other titles I looked at were full of ads.

Audience: ages 7-10, particularly kids who like animals

Strengths/weaknesses:  There are a lot of different activities to keep kids occupied like a Mad-Libs style fill-in, jokes, a quiz, and a “spot the differences” set of pictures.  There are many references to the website for more information, videos and other interactive features.  There’s enough content to get kids interested in something but not enough to really teach them anything.   I wouldn’t think that it would hold a child’s attention for more than 45 minutes or so.

Uses: Entertainment only.  The magazine is too busy for reading aloud and not informative enough to use for papers/presentations.

Picture pulled from Barnes and


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