Future Librarian Superhero

Future Librarian Superhero, run by Ms. Anna, a Children’s Librarian in Minnesota.

What it is: a great resource!  This blog focuses on story times and has many entries on using flannel boards, puppets, and other material to make story time more interactive.  There are posts about choosing titles for story time, displays, and reading programming.  She also occasionally posts about blogging and using social media.  The ideas for flannel boards and puppets for stories are uniformly great.  Also inspiring are the little stories about the children she serves; it’s great to read about the kids who are so excited about reading and the library.  There’s a lot of information as the blog has been around since April 2011, an eternity on the internet!

Audience: children’s librarians working with young kids or who are in charge of story times.

Strengths/Weaknesses: A huge strength is the collection of Flannel Friday posts.  The posts show the flannel pieces she uses as well as the title of the book these pieces go with or the song lyrics.  Several posts include tutorials on how to make the flannels.  The site could use a bit better organization, with a drop-down menu on the top for the popular tags rather than those being a collection at the bottom.


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