Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants

Quote: Science is real!

Awards: Nominated for 2011 Grammy for Best Musical Album for children

What it is: 19 songs based on scientific ideas such as evolution, the elements, states of matter, and photosynthesis.

What I thought:  This is a great album full of fun facts.  They sing about what science is in “Science is Real” and “Put it to the Test”.  In the spirit of science, They Might Be Giants even correct themselves; after exclaiming “the sun is a mass of incandescent gas” in “Why Does the Sun Shine?” they state “the sun is a miasma of incandescent plasma, I forget what I was told by myself” in the song “Why Does the Sun Really Shine?”.  Astronomy is actually covered in several songs and there are a couple on technology, “Computer Assisted Design” and “Electric Car”.  The songs are really well-crafted and don’t get annoying on repetition.

Audience: anybody with ears!  Different songs have different levels of difficulty regarding the concepts introduced but most would be appropriate to kids in preschool.

Strengths/weaknesses: It’s a very catchy album; if you aren’t bouncing around during “Why Does the Sun Shine?” or “Roy G. Biv”  you don’t have rhythm!  Though not really a weakness, religious conservatives may object to the songs about evolution “My Brother the Ape” and “I am a Paleontologist”.

Uses: songs could be played during transitional activities and to introduce some subjects.  They’re also quite fun to dance to!


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