Savvy by Ingrid Law

Cover of Savvy by Ingrid Law

A lovely storm

Law, Ingrid.  Savvy, 2008. Dial Books for Young Readers, ISBN: 978-0-8037-3306-0, Novel.

Quote: When something like that comes along, whether it’s an accident or a savvy or a very first kiss, life takes a turn and you can’t step back. All you can do is keep moving forward and remember what you’ve learned.

Awards: was a 2009 Newbery Honor book

Plot: Whenever a Beaumont turns 13, they get a special power they call their “savvy”.  Rocket controls electricity; Fish creates storms.  When Daddy is in a car accident and goes into a coma, Mibs knows her savvy will be to wake him right up.  With Fish and a couple kids from their church, Mibs sets out to reach her father.  Along the way they all learn about themselves and each other.

What I thought: A great road-trip novel for tweens!  As Mibs and company get into, and out of, trouble on their trip, all of the characters grow up a bit.  There’s also a strong theme of standing up to and working past bullying which is a needed message these days.

Audience: kids 9-13, especially fantasy fans you want to introduce to realistic fiction or vice versa.

Strengths/weaknesses:  The book is a little long for this age group at 368 but the story just zips along and is action packed.  It really holds your attention.  It’s a good crossover novel between the realistic/fantasy genres as well as between boys and girls.

Uses:  This book would be a good read for a kid’s book club or summer reading program.

Read-alikes: Scumble by Ingrid Law, Drizzle by Kathleen van Cleve, and Diamond Willow by Helen Frost


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